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Prioritizing student success is a multifaceted effort that can be especially challenging in a decentralized university. To be done well, it requires a holistic focus on helping all students flourish both in their education and beyond to post-graduation. 

New York University (NYU), the nation’s largest private research university, is at the forefront of this effort to remove barriers and propel students to the next phase of their educational and career journey. NYU recently launched a collaborative endeavor aiming to foster the success of all students by using data-driven, evidence-based and student-centered approaches, called the Academic Excellence Equity Action initiative. In the program's first three months, NYU has seen a savings of ~$1.2 million for over 1,200 students who've already participated.

Join NYU’s Vice Provost for Undergraduate Academic Affairs, Mark Siegal, and Kaplan’s Vice President for University Partnerships, Kim Canning, along with our moderator, Kaplan’s Chief People Officer, Yvonne Yancy, for a discussion of how NYU approaches the challenge of advancing the academic success of all its students.

Key webcast topics include:

  • Using data to identify opportunities to advance equity.
  • Engaging faculty and students in improving courses and curricula.
  • Scaling high-impact practices to reach more students, more equitably.
  • Smoothing the path for students’ next steps to graduate school by providing free access to test prep for standardized exams, such as the MCAT, LSAT, GRE and GMAT.

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Thursday, April 18 | 2 PM ET

Ensuring Students Flourish: NYU’s Initiative to Eliminate Barriers


Mark Siegal
Vice Provost, Undergraduate Academic Affairs at NYU

As Vice Provost for Undergraduate Academic Affairs at New York University, Mark Siegal works closely with senior leadership to ensure academic excellence throughout the University. He works on cross-school curricula, undergraduate research, faculty-led initiatives and academic policies. Dr. Siegal has been at NYU since 2005.

He has spoken in numerous settings on innovative teaching and on diversity and inclusion in science and teaching. He was named a National Academies Education Fellow in the Life Sciences; was awarded a National Science Foundation CAREER award for research and teaching; and earned the College of Arts & Science's Golden Dozen teaching award, the Graduate School of Arts & Science's Outstanding Faculty award and the University's Distinguished Teaching Award. Dr. Siegal received a Ph.D. in Biology from Harvard University and a Sc.B. in Biology from Brown University.

Kim Canning
Vice President, University Partnerships at Kaplan

Kim Canning is the Vice President of University Partnerships at Kaplan. The University Partnerships team is focused on working with universities and colleges to provide academic and support resources at an institutional level. Kim has worked at Kaplan for over twenty years and has spent the last seven building meaningful, institutional partnerships with schools as part of this team.

Yvonne Yancy
Chief People Officer at Kaplan

Yvonne Cowser Yancy is an accomplished Human Resources professional with more than 20 years of experience working across various industries. Her professional experience encompasses all aspects of human resources, including talent management, employee engagement and relations, compliance training, benefits and compensation, implementing inclusive recruitment among diverse candidate pools, and architecting highly productive organizational structures.